Introduction, is a website operated by Right Doors Real Estate Brokers located on the 14th floor of Regal Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Right Doors Real Estate Brokers provides real estate renting brokerage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

By referring to "you" and "your" in our Terms and Conditions, they mean any person who is accessing our Website or Services in way, may it be reading the website’s content, commenting on the website, or posting any content.

Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

1.1 The website and all the provided services are under these Terms and Conditions. Your access to the website and use of our services indicate that you agree to adhere to the website’s Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Your use and access of the Website and Services means that you adhere to our Terms and Conditions. Any guidelines posted and implemented on our website may be changed from time to time depending on our own discretion.

1.3 It is the sole responsibility of every user accessing Right Doors to review our Terms and Conditions. In any case of disagreement with these Terms due to changes that we implement, you should withdraw from using our website and all our services immediately.

1.4 Users will be notified for any updates in our terms and conditions. As these can change from time to time, it is the user’s responsibility to thoroughly read and comply with any changes

1.5 Right Doors Real Estate may provide other language translations of our Terms and Conditions. Our sole purpose is to ensure convenience on our user interface. In case of translation inconsistencies, the English version of our Terms and Conditions will prevail.


In order to make use of our services the user would be required to register his or her details on a

All information provided during registration must be accurate and true. The details provided during registration will be stored and saved. The user must at all times keep his or her password secret to maintain privacy. After registration the user will receive a confirmation email providing access to all the services provided by right doors.

Your Personal Account

Users who register on our website will be notified through email pertaining to the details of the "Username" and "Password". Right Doors will not be held responsible for any unauthorized access to your personal account. It is the sole responsibility of each user to maintain the confidentiality of your account’s username and password.

Identification and documents pertaining to property

Identification documents are to provide by all users that wish to use the marketing and real estate services of right doors real estate. The documents required are mentioned below.

  1. Passport copy

  2. Emirates ID front and back

  3. Title deed

The documents collected are used in order to provide a seamless service to all users and in conjunction with the law and rules and regulations of the UAE. The documents provided are maintained with strict confidentiality and securely through channels that are considered safe and secure.

Advertising and Marketing

Your properties will be advertised in a period of time on property portals in the UAE, websites, or in any way possible that we see fit while ensuring the best of everyone’s interest is met upon our discretion. However, Right Doors reserves the right to remove and no longer continue the use of websites, property portals, or other sources of marketing, depending on our discretion.

Removal of Content

Right Doors will not be held liable in any way for the content given by others and has no duty to filter beforehand the content. Nevertheless, Right Doors reserves the right to analyze if the given content strictly complies with this Agreement, and may be reviewed, edited, rejected, or removed any time without discretion if the content violates this agreement or is otherwise unacceptable.

Furthermore, Right Doors has all the right to access your account to secure orderliness and maintain strict compliance with regards to all the agreements included in this site, and if applicable, our Privacy Policy. Cases may include removal of the properties which were rented by our agent or removal of promotional materials to rent the property. A verbal notice will be delivered to you in order for the issue to be resolved. Failure to respond within 2 days will result to a week where you must submit a written explanation and solution. Right Doors will take necessary action should you fail to comply with these requests.

Approval of Advertisement

After registering and doing the necessary procedures, Right Doors will take charge in creating your advertisement. You will be notified immediately once your advertisement is ready for approval.

Right Doors will not be held responsible for any information, descriptions, photographs or any details that you will submit to our portal. If any of the information you submit violates the company’s terms of use and this agreement, your ad will be removed immediately without warning.


All the necessary information regarding your booked viewing is well documented on our portal. You will receive a notification once your viewing is booked, and you will be provided complete information of other people who booked the same viewing at the same time and date.

Our property experts must be granted unhindered access to your property during the viewings. As much as possible, the properties must be available for viewing from morning until 6pm. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the property before any viewings are conducted.


By agreeing to use the viewing services of Right Doors, you will be complied to provide sets of keys for all kinds of doors in your property (main door, wardrobes, cabinets). These keys will be stored in a safety cabinet where it will be locked secured.


  • You are only allowed to upload photographs of your properties

  • Photographs must be in landscape format to maintain uniformity and for external advertising purposes

  • High definition photographs are strongly encouraged to be used and uploaded

  • The ideal number of photographs to be uploaded is 10. The maximum number of photos that we recommend is until 15.

  • For quality control purposes, we will go through every photograph that you will be uploading on our site. This is to ensure and maintain quality images on our site, and when we promote your property on major property portals in UAE. The quality control will be done on a daily basis to avoid delay before putting them live.

  • We take full authority to reject images to be uploaded, used for marketing, or made live if they are considered irrelevant, inappropriate, deceiving, or disturbing for everyone viewing our page. Violation of these considerations may result to your account being suspended or dismissed, removal of your property on our website and on any website it was used for marketing, and if applicable, being reported to relevant authorities.

Empty Properties Disclaimer

Right Doors will not be held responsible if your properties are empty. It is the property owner’s responsibility to constantly perform security and condition checking on a regular basis.


You and Right Doors Real Estate are considered independent. There is no intention of building partnerships, employee-employer relationship, joint projects, or any form of business relationships made by these Terms and Conditions.

Availability of Products

Right Doors will always make sure that every property posted on our website is available for our clients. However, in some cases there are unforeseen circumstances that may occur in our portal which are unavoidable on our part, hence affecting the availability of the properties on our portal.

We strongly advise that you back up all the information that you submit to Right Doors in case of these unforeseen circumstances. Right Doors has full authority to delete or put on hold any kind of content at any given time, in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Third Party Content

Right doors real estate will at varying times provide and display links to third party websites. Due to no control over the third party links the user acknowledges and is in full agreement that right doors real estate is not responsible for any content, advertising or products offered on third party websites and is indemnified from any liability or damage caused by the use of any third party website links by the user.

Further to this the user, acknowledges that right doors real estate may be a recipient of payment from third party vendors for advertising services provided by the website. However right doors real estate is not responsible for any liability caused by the third party that it is a receipt of payment.