Fixed Fee. Full Service

We stand by our commitment to provide the best services for our clients. Since Right Doors began in Dubai, we had always been particular to the needs of our clients.

We are not just a real estate company. We focus more on the welfare of our clients. As Dubai’s pioneers in zero commission property rentals, we see to it that our affordability will never effect the kind of quality that you deserve.

Our dedicated team is well experienced in the real estate industry in Dubai. They are sure to offer all the best options and solutions for you, so you are secured that you get the best property of your choice. Right Doors believes that every client has the right to enjoy the best properties with and affordable fixed fee.

We close deals at best prices.

You are our priority

We are very aware of the growing demand for places to rent here in Dubai. As practicality is our common ground, we came up with this unique idea of focusing on giving you more without worrying on paying a high commission.

The best property options are here

We filter every property that we have on our list, to ensure that you only get the best from our end

Excellent services from our agents

We make sure that we stand by our commitment to prioritize your needs. From the beginning until the end of the transactions, we will make sure that you would be properly guided.

We have all you need to know

As you browse through our website, you have a glimpse of your dream property as well as all the necessary information you wish to know.

Get the best price!

When it comes to making the best negotiations, our property agents are experts in budget-friendly prices

Safe and Reliable Transactions

We have no hidden-charges or extra fees. When we say it’s only AED999, we mean it’s only AED999.