Will rental prices remain affordable this 2019?
03 Jan, 2019 By kaye@rightdoors.com

The market trend changes constantly as years continue to pass by. Many are anticipating about the rental market for 2019 which is a vital year for the upcoming Expo2020. It’s expected that the real estate market will stabilize this 2019. For DAMAC Properties, they perceive 2019 as just another year. They expect business to continue as usual.

Apartments for rent in Dubai are gaining stronger demand from outside areas. The most popular areas for properties for rent include Living Legends in Dubailand, The Villages in Dubai South, Damac Hills in Dubailand, Hayat Townhouses in Town Square, and Mudon Villas in Dubailand. There are certain factors why apartments for rent in city areas are quite getting low in demand. Nonetheless, these properties, mostly villas for rent are indeed becoming popular for certain reasons.

As Expo2020 draws near, we can expect a healthier real estate market for 2019. Gradual changes may come which would eventually create a positive effect on the market. Nonetheless, expect prices for apartments for rent in Dubai to become stable until the end of the year. The obvious changes in the market may occur by the beginning of 2020. With improved regulatory system, continued spending on infrastructure, increasing oil prices and additions to tourist attractions, we could all expect a huge boost for the real estate industry.

The positive after-effects of the Expo2020 are factors that the real estate market is looking forward to see. By that time, apartments for rent in Dubai may experience great gains as the real estate industry in Dubai remains as one of the key contributors in the region’s GDP.

If you’re still in doubt, the best time to find an apartment for rent in Dubai is now! As the trend for the real estate market continues to upsurge, it’s wise to keep watch over it and take advantage of its stability.


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