Why do I need a Real Estate agent?
07 Jun, 2018 By kaye@rightdoors.com

Has this question ever crossed your mind? For someone who’s new to real estate and considering buying a property, you are only familiar with the basics. Finding and buying a property is easy, but the considerations you should make to ensure that all transactions and specifications are the best requires an expert touch. Real Estate agents understand the market and the best methods to secure the best properties that match your interest. Here are a few reasons why we need a Real Estate agent.

  1. Convenient Advantage – Real Agents have the knowledge of previous successful transactions within the market. When it comes to deals, a regular buyer would have a difficult time closing it good. Real Estate agents are well versed in these transactions which mean that you are assured to get the best deal possible. The same also if you are looking for a tenant for your property. Agents will make it easier for you as they will be the one to look for that potential tenant. No more wasted hours in calling and arranging appointments with uncertain results.

  2. Negotiations made easy – The truth of the matter is, not every direct buyer and sellers negotiations turn out well, but with the help of a Real Estate agent conveying your suggestions you can hope on a smoother transaction. There could be instances where the potential tenant doesn’t like a few of the property’s interiors. Your agent could deliver the message to the landlord without getting misinterpreted. When it comes to landlords, agents could market their property with strong conviction for a potential tenant.

  3. Secured Transparent Transactions – These agents are licensed and bounded by law. They care about the firm they are working with and their own reputation as well. They also have relations with other businesses which mean that all their work is carefully monitored by the land department and RERA. During landlord and tenant transactions, it is best to seek legal counsel. Getting a real estate agent is much more affordable than getting a lawyer. Secondly, real estate agents in Dubai are highly trained and aware of the legal environment related to leases and sale as they go through, an intensive real estate brokers training and are carefully monitored by government authorities.

  4. Stress-free handling of contracts – If you as a buyer would be administrating the lease by yourself, this could be tiresome as leases tend to go back and forth between tenant and landlord to reach an optimal agreement. Having a real estate agent to handle these important contracts would save you from stress. They handle these contracts on a regular basis, and they have the proper know-how about it. They have a keen eye to spot legal irregularities which in turn could save you time, money, and headache.

While there may be certain people who are qualified to make these real estate transactions, the best choice is to get expert help from a Real Estate agent. Closing out a real estate deal is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of legal, administrative, technical and negotiation that makes a real estate transaction successful. When you have an agent on your side, you are able to handle things professionally with peace of mind.

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