Renting a property? Here’s what you need to know
06 Feb, 2019 By

Renting an apartment in Dubai or anywhere around the world undergoes a lot of legal processes. Finding a new home to lease and conducting viewings are just the first part of the process. Legal matters and documents begin to get involved in the process as soon as you decide to rent the property. If it’s your first time to look for apartments for rent in Dubai, preparing yourself for legal procedures and necessary documents will help you understand the steps you must undergo.

Present a valid VISA and Passport. Before your tenancy contract gets processed, your identification documents are the first documents that you must secure. Be sure that everything is valid. Otherwise, you will face unfavorable circumstances under the UAE law. Once you have secured these documents, finding apartments for rent in Dubai will be a smooth process for you. The statement of income from your employer is also another requirement if you wish to rent an apartment in Dubai. This is needed as a proof that you are capable to sustain the rent.

The Tenancy Contract is another document that you must carefully go through. The details that you must carefully check in the contract are, description of the property, address of the property, purpose of tenancy, period of tenancy, rent value, and method of payment. The addendum in the contract is one vital part of the document that you must thoroughly read. This includes the additional terms and conditions that the Landlord wants. Should there be any questions regarding the tenancy, it’s best to seek expert advice from a dedicated property consultant.

The EJARI is the new initiative of RERA to regulate the rental market of Dubai. The EJARI is an online registration system which secures the rights of both landlord and the tenant with regards to the tenancy agreement. With the system you can log renewals, cancellations, transfers, and terminations. After the agreement is entered in the EJARI system, it will generate a unique barcode which will become the reference of the contract for the duration of its validity. This process is done by landlords or property management companies.

Once the tenant has finalized his decision to move-in, he must secure and submit necessary documents for DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) so it gets connected . Some of the details include the DEWA number, copy of the tenant’s and landlord’s passport, DEWA form, Title deed (for freehold property or SPA if it has been bought from a reputable developer) or affection plan, and Dh2,000 (for apartments) or Dh4,000 (for villas) as a refundable deposit, and Dh110 for setup charges. After the registration and payment of the security deposit, the supply is activated within 24 hours.

These documents are necessary to understand before finding apartments for rent in Dubai. Once you have thorough knowledge about these information, you’ll be confident enough to rent any property. If you wish to know more about these procedures, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted property consultant right away.


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