Unforgettable experiences with Right Doors
05 Mar, 2019 By kaye@rightdoors.com

Allow me to start this blog from a Marketing Specialist point of view. I still remember those first days when I started working for Right Doors. I was very skeptical about the business model of the company since it has never been done in Dubai. But after getting to understand things deeper, I came to realize that it is completely possible to do it! For the past few months since we launched in the market, we have encountered memorable clients who made our experience spiced up.

When our first client inquired for an apartment for rent with us, I knew from that moment that it was just the beginning of the great achievements that our company would reach in the next few months. Soon the deal was done and it was recorded as the first ever successful closed deal in Dubai for a flat agency fee of AED 999. We advertised it on all our social media platforms and then the word was out. The client even left a review on Google and he stated that our company deserves more than 5 stars because of our unique service.

Then we encountered more clients who were amazed with the kind of service that we offer. Most of them left positive and encouraging review on Google expressing their satisfaction with our company. As a Marketing Specialist, it felt really good for me that our team effort has resulted to a lot of satisfied clients. Since then a lot of apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens and apartments for rent Motor City have been successfully closed. Our brand is creating a strong awareness in the market as the first and only real estate agency in Dubai that doesn’t charge any commission. We have been very effective so far in building this image in the market.

And like any other successful companies in the market, we have encountered various opinions regarding the way we do our service. There were some who expressed their disagreement with what we are doing and the kind of services that we offer. Because of this, we became much more eager to let everyone know about our unique services. We countered these opinions by strengthening our marketing efforts and closing more deals. Since then, we were able to close more deals ranging from apartments for rent in IMPZ, Sheikh Zayed Road, and numerous areas.

These amazing experiences made me realize how powerful it is to believe in making a difference. Being unique and standing out from the rest is a strong character of the most successful brands that we are seeing today. Despite the doubts and criticisms, if you believe on the difference you are pushing to happen, it will be a successful experience!


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