Turn your usual holidays to special moments in your new rented home
29 Oct, 2018 By kaye@rightdoors.com

Here in the UAE, holidays are maximized to be spent away from home. Most families plan ahead of time to secure that the holidays are exclusively reserved for spending quality time away from home. But there are instances where you just found a new apartment for rent in Dubai, and you’ve recently moved in with your family. Instead of being able to set a vacation outside your home, you just decide to stay at home and spend the rest of the holiday indoors. How will you make a difference? How will your kids get to enjoy the holidays at home? Here’s our take.

As you’ve recently found a property for rent in Dubai and made it your new home, you can spend a good holiday in your house by inviting your friends to come along and spend the rest of the day at your new home. Just make sure that you don’t invite a too much, and strictly obey the rules and regulations in your building. Nonetheless, if everything seems to be good, bringing your friends in your home during the holidays can turn an ordinary day at home into a fun-filled and memorable day.

Try working on your creative side and learn to make arts and craft. There are a lot of videos online where you can learn to make simple art projects which could turn out to be a quality time with your family. Watch together, craft together, and take pictures afterwards. You can even create a video about it as you are doing the project. You are able to learn, spend quality time, and work on your creativity, all in one activity during the holidays.

Or if you really want to build a stronger bond with your family at home, try turning off the Wi-Fi. Allow your family to interact with each other normally at home and see the impact of building and creating actual, physical relationships. Nowadays, we spend most of our time on social media. Even kids at their young age are given access to these things. While there may be pros and cons to it, it can be healthy for the whole family to refrain from using social media from time to time. In reality, most families don’t really get to maximize holidays outdoors as half of their attention is focused on posting things on social media, taking pictures and sending it to their friends, and other activities.

By spending holidays at home without Wi-Fi, your family will realize the true importance of building personal relationships. Holidays shouldn’t be focused on “digital relationships.” Make a difference today by turning your holiday into an extraordinary day! Are you looking for an ideal home where you and your family can spend the rest of the holidays and stay for long term? Look for an apartment for rent in Dubai online today!

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