Top investors in the Dubai Real Estate
26 Feb, 2019 By

Dubai’s diverse population is comprised of 200+ nationalities from all corners of the world. It’s no surprise that the real estate market is healthy and continuing to grow stronger as time passes by. Dubai Land Department has revealed a list of the top investors in the real estate market. According to his Excellency Sultan Butti bin Merjen, Director General of Dubai Land Department, "217 nationalities have invested a total of Dh151 billion in Dubai's real estate market. This demonstrates the confidence that the world has in our real estate environment, which is characterized by a strong regulatory system that provides safety and security for all parties."

It’s the very reason why the number of apartments for rent in Dubai getting let continue to increase in number. Emiratis ranked first when it comes to transactions made. A total number of 12,000 transactions were recorded for UAE outperforming all other nationalities in the country. 2nd on the list is India and 3rd is Pakistan. It was recorded that Indian investors made 10,628 transactions which amounts to more than AED 20.4 billion, while Pakistani nationals made 5,398 real estate transactions worth AED 7 billion approximately.

4th on the list is Saudi Arabia followed by UK citizens, Egyptians, Jordanians, Chinese, Lebanese, and Americans. The total number of transactions recorded by Dubai Land Department is 23,318 with a total value of AED 48.655 billion. With more investors continuing to get involved in the Dubai Real Estate Market, greater opportunities could be expected by both landlords and tenants who take part in the rental business. Since the supply and demand for apartments for rent are finding balance, we can expect this trend to continue for years to come. Now that the Expo 2020 draws near, we are seeing a huge acceleration for the number of transactions and investments in the Dubai Real Estate Market.


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