Top 5 family-friendly communities in Dubai
09 Jan, 2019 By

When it comes to looking for a property for your family, the community where you would wish to belong is a huge factor for your decision. Though there may be a lot of apartments for rent in Dubai that you can take, you consider the welfare of your family. Most especially when you have young children, the kind of community they would belong to would strongly affect their growth and development as years pass by. If you have a family and you’re trying to rent an apartment in Dubai, consider finding in these communities.

  1. Mirdif – As parents, you want your children to grow with a balanced lifestyle. It’s obvious nowadays that most kids are hooked to gadgets and smart phones, which decreases their sociability and interaction with real people. If you would be finding an apartment for rent in Mirdif, you and your kids can spend quality time outdoors as the area is populated with a lot of outdoor facilities, public parks, and exercise spots for children. There are also basketball courts, tennis courts, and a range of outstanding schools all around the community.

  2. Dubai Silicon Oasis – When it comes to looking for affordable properties for rent, Dubai Silicon Oasis is the place to go. A lot of families are residing in this area because of the rental rate and the rapidly growing community as well. If you wish to give your children an excellent education, Dubai Silicon Oasis has a lot of brilliant schools. There are also community parks and sporting facilities that you can freely access within the community too.

  3. Emirates Hills – If you wish to live a private life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should consider finding an apartment for rent in Emirates Hills. You’ll find a lot of luxurious homes around its community as well as prime schools, stunning architecture, and amazing landscaping. You and your family can easily relax by just strolling around the community. The area is mostly populated with villas.

  4. Arabian Ranches – This community may have come up to your mind when you read “family-friendly communities in Dubai.” Arabian Ranches will take you away from the busy city life. This community is famous for its luxurious villas for rent in Dubai. So if you wish to interact with a real community complete with BBQ parties, family days, and other outdoor activities, this is the ideal community for you and your family.

  5. Victory Heights – The name of the area explains the community itself in general. You and your family will surely feel that they are already home once they get to see this community. If you’re still looking for a property for rent in Dubai for your family, put this community in your priority. The area has a lot of wide open spaces, public access swimming pools, and bicycle paths. The community has also won a couple of awards so we suggest that you move-in now and see it for yourself.


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