Top 5 Best Pizza places in Dubai
30 Jan, 2019 By

There’s no denying that a lot of people are in to pizza. As we all know, Dubai is home to everything that you wish to experience in your life. And that includes great pizza! If you’re still not aware, you should definitely go out and roam around your community to find out if the pizza parlor on our list is just within your area. Here we go!

  1. Eataly – With a rating of 8.9 out of 10, we highly recommend that you try out their pizzas! You could find their restaurant at the Dubai Mall. If you found an apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai, you could easily go to the restaurant and enjoy a good time. The ambiance of the restaurant is indeed amazing. It’s like going on a trip to Italy for a few hours while enjoying amazing Italian cuisine. For this restaurant, the pizzas aren’t just the ones that you must try because everything in the menu is absolutely fantastic!

  2. Bussola – Good news for pizza lovers who found apartments for rent in Dubai Marina! This Pizza Place is located in the same area, and well-known among the residents in the area. More than the mouth-watering pizzas that they serve, the restaurant is famous for its amazing views and the comfortable seating outside. The amazing ambiance in this restaurant combined with great and relaxing music will give you one of the best dining experiences in your life.

  3. Margherita Pizza – When it comes to quality food, this restaurant is the one that you should try on your next dinner. It has gained high praise from its customers on various reviews. The pizzas they serve are fresh and 100% authentic! If you want to relax while enjoying a hearty meal, you could find this amazing restaurant in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Great news for pizza lovers who found apartments for rent in Jumeirah Beach Residence. This restaurant could be only a few minutes’ walk from your home.

  4. Cipriani – Their truffle pizza is one that you must try right away! People praise this restaurant not just for their excellent Italian Cuisine, but for the great customer service that they deliver. If you would come to this place, we strongly suggest that you go on a full set meal. Their dessert menu will surely seal the deal once you try them! The restaurant could be found a few blocks away from Sheikh Zayed Road. If you’re considering apartments for rent in DIFC reaching this place would be easy!

  5. La Cantine du Faubourg – Not only is this French restaurant famous for their pizza, but also their generous serving portions. If you recently moved to the apartment for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road that you searched for, you could easily visit the place in Emirates Towers. The restaurant is famous for its outside dining experience as you get to enjoy the amazing view of the city. They serve amazing truffle pizza as well! Overall, the place is definitely a must try! Most especially at dinner time!


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