Top 5 Best Beaches in Dubai
29 Jan, 2019 By

Summer is just a few months away. It’s now time to get that body in shape so you could look good on your favorite swimwear during the summer time. If you just found an apartment for rent in Dubai and you recently moved-in, you should check out if the community you belong to has a beach which belongs to our list. Here we go!

  1. JBR Beach – This shouldn’t be a surprise for you. JBR Beach is a famous tourist spot as it is ranked among the top beaches in the world. People from all walks of life (including celebrities and famous personalities) could be seen having a good time here. If you would wish to have a home near JBR Beach, you need to look for apartments for rent in Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Beach Residence itself. The beach has improved a lot since it began. Now they have developed wonderful water play areas for kids and a wide array of restaurants and cafes.

  2. Kite Beach Dubai – The iconic seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab could be easily seen from here. Why is it called Kite Beach? Because it’s very popular with kite surfers and also with stand-up paddle boarders, and other water sports. If you wish to easily access this beach, you should look for apartments for rent in Jumeirah 3. The place has tons of attractions and amazing food as well.

  3. Al Mamzar Beach Park – The place could be easily accessed at the Dubai-Sharjah border. The beach is an ideal place for families as it has tons of spaces where you could camp out and enjoy a nice afternoon while having a barbecue party. If you live in Deira, there’s a bus that would take you straight to this beach. If you found an apartment for rent in Al Nahda, Dubai and you have a car, you could easily access the beach as it’s just a 10 to 15 minute drive depending on your area.

  4. Umm Suqeim Park Beach – Burj Al Arab has a closer and better view from this beach. The beach offers a variety of pop-up food and drink stalls if in-case you forgot to bring your snacks. It’s very popular for families and could be easily accessed opposite of Al Thannya Street, off Jumeirah Beach Road. If you wish to cool down for a while, there’s a little café opposite the beach where you could enjoy a frozen dairy treat. If you’re considering looking for apartments for rent in Umm Suqeim, going to this beach will be an advantage.

  5. La Mer – Considered as the newest attraction when it comes to the best beaches in Dubai, this resort is known as a beachfront shopping and dining destination. For those considering apartments for rent in Jumeirah 1, you can easily access this beach! The overall look and design of the beach is relaxing to see. You have a lot of options to stroll around La Mer as it hosts 130 shops, restaurants, and cafes scattered all around the beach.


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