Got a new apartment? Improve it!
17 Feb, 2019 By

Congratulations on finding a new home! Now you no longer need to struggle in looking for apartments for rent in Dubai anymore. Upon acquiring your new apartment, you came to see it in a good condition but it lacks one thing. The overall look of the home is plain. So what can you do? First you need to ask your landlord if you could do some improvements. If you are given permission to do it, then take these helpful tips with you.

  1. Upgrade the walls – If you are allowed to paint the wall then please do so. This will add to the overall ambiance of your home. Use a color that will brighten up your home. So when you open the curtain windows during the day time, you don’t need to open the lights anymore. A bright wall will reflect the natural light that comes from your windows. If you’re hesitant regarding paint jobs, use removable wallpaper. Some landlords may find it favorable for them if you do this

  2. Change the fixtures and fittings – Some apartments for rent in Dubai come with built-in wardrobes, cupboards, and other features. You can change those knobs and fixtures on cabinets and doors. These improvements may seem small and unnecessary, but it will surely improve the overall look and feel of your home. Don’t get stuck with standard grade. Just keep in mind to keep the knobs and fixtures that you replaced and keep them all in a safe storage, so when the time comes that you need to move-out, you can return everything to its original set up.

  3. Put additional storage – Not all apartments for rent in Dubai would come with enough storage spaces. There are homes that don’t come with wardrobes or built-in cupboards. With that in mind, adding more storage space in your new apartment would make it easier for you to organize everything. If it’s not practical to buy, then build one for yourself. Just be sure to inform your landlord about it and ask for approval.

  4. Improve the flooring – If you started improving almost every part of your home then don’t get the floor left behind. There are a couple of apartments for rent in Dubai that come with great flooring. But this isn’t the case all the time. So if you have the chance to improve the flooring, it will be beneficial for both you and your landlord. Does the apartment have a bad-looking carpet or unappealing bathroom tiles? If your landlord is fine with it, change it right away.

  5. Replace old appliances – There are a couple of apartments for rent in Dubai that are fully-furnished. Some of these apartments have been vacant for too long thus, the appliances in these apartments are outdated. By replacing these appliances you ensure a better home complete with fully-functional utilities. Just keep in mind to ask permission from your landlord if you’ll be doing this step so you could avoid possible conflicts.


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