Are you moving to a new home? Consider these reminders
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Congratulations! You just found a new home to rent with your family! It’s now time to pack your stuff and get ready to transfer all your belongings. This is a common scenario in the Real Estate in Dubai, as well as the other Real Estate markets around the world. Here in Dubai, a lot are moving in to new homes every day. And since this event has become very common, there are instances where we tend to neglect the very basic steps that we must consider before moving in to a new home. Check out the list below.

  1. Secure important documents – Everybody does this for sure. But just to remind you, Dubai has very strict laws which must be carefully followed. The necessary documents must be of high priority so you can avoid technical delays and ensure that every transaction would be as smooth as possible.

  2. Notify important people – Secure your personal account on banks, insurance, water and electricity, internet, and other sources, that you may be able to lessen the hassle of moving in to your new home. Good thing is that Dubai has an advanced technology which allows you to update all your personal accounts in a short amount of time. Telling your family, friends and colleagues is of equal importance as well. Letting them know about your new address will avoid confusion and miscommunication.

  3. Contact the Moving Company in advance – Scheduling in advance gives you a high percentage of avoiding delays. If possible, contact the Moving Company at least a month before going to your new home. Not only is this a wise decision, but it also gives both you and the company enough time to prepare. If ever there are some items in your house that you don’t need anymore, a month of notice will give you enough time to decide which goes with you and which will not.

  4. Prepare a checklist – It doesn’t matter how few your items are. If you want to ensure that everything in your home will be transferred, preparing a checklist will save you a lot. List down the most important items first and be sure to secure them. Having a list will also allow you to create a proper inventory of all your personal belongings, and it can allow you to analyze which items you can toss and retain.

These few reminders are the most common considerations that almost everyone knows. Still, it greatly helps to be reminded from time to time to ensure that every step you’ll be making will be done with excellence.

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