How to find the right tenant?
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Entrusting your home to someone you don’t know personally is difficult. You have worries and concerns and a lot of what ifs that you need to deal with. If you’d be asking landlords how they are able to get the right tenants for their apartments for rent in Dubai, you would hear different opinions. If you’re quite unsure about a tenant who wants to lease your property, keep these important reminders.

Obey the law. Before making any decision to screen tenants you must know your rights. As a landlord, you must treat every potential tenant equally. There are laws that prevent discrimination against certain classes of people when it comes to finding a home. You may have preferences but it’s important to respect a potential tenant’s race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, etc. If you wish to say no to a potential tenant, you must do it with respect to make sure that he doesn’t get offended.

Check the financial stability. There are tenants in some apartments for rent in Dubai who opt not to continue their contract with a landlord mainly because, he can’t cover up for the expenses and the rental rate he has to pay. This is a situation that you must avoid. As a landlord, you are looking for a long term contract with a tenant. Though it is required for every tenant to have a bank account, it doesn’t guarantee that he can sustain the rent. Verify the income of a potential tenant if you want to be secured. Ideally, you would prefer a tenant whose monthly income is at least three times the monthly rent. Also verify if the history of a potential tenant if they are paying their bills on time.

Check the rental history of the tenant. It’s fair to ask tenants for the reason why they left their previous home. If you have the means to contact the tenant’s previous landlords, it would be better for you. Then you can easily weigh in if the potential tenant deserves to lease your apartment for rent. You should be able to know if the tenant paid their rent on time, why did he choose to move, did he give a 30-day notice period before moving, did he maintain his previous apartment well, were there any complaints regarding him? In the case that a tenant is a first-time renter, just carefully apply the other guidelines.

Listen to your instincts. These guidelines are here to set a standard when it comes to finding the right tenant. If you’ll be able to speak with long-time landlords, they have developed that ability to characterize a potential tenant just by speaking and observing them. Some tenants may look excellent on paper but are poor in many aspects. Don’t give your trust right away. Your instincts help you to see beyond your screening qualifications. Don’t be pressured if a lot of apartments for rent in Dubai are getting leased. It’s always better to wait for the right tenant than to be impulsive and end up regretting everything.

These pointers are just some of the effective ways to find the right tenant for your home. If you’re still in doubt, it’s better to entrust your property to a trusted agency who will offer reliable solutions and excellent services.


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