Tips on choosing a real estate agent
05 Feb, 2019 By

Choosing the right home is as important as choosing the right real estate agent. Both decisions are inter-connected which means you must be very keen and patient before making a final move. As we all know, it’s easy to find apartments for rent in Dubai that are most suitable for our needs. With a lot of options to choose from, a client must keep in mind that one wrong decision could cause long-term consequences. So here are helpful tips on choosing a real estate agent:

Speak with the agent’s recent clients – The only people who could prove the credibility of a real estate agent are those whom he worked with before. An agent may boast about the apartments for rent in Dubai that he successfully closed, yet it’s the experience of the client that matters most. Bear in mind that it’s the quality that counts over quantity. If an agent’s client could give positive feedback and experience, then you are one step ahead of making the right decision.

Do a thorough background-check – Some may say that this tip could be a waste of time since it will really take time to do a background check. Just keep in mind that a minor mistake in your decision could lead you to long-term consequences. More than closing a lot of apartments for rent in Dubai, clients should also check the previous activities of an agent. Was he involved in suspicious activities? Did he get complaints from past clients? Did he ever get sanctions and disciplinary actions due to his work ethic? Be sure to never miss minor details about a real estate agent. This will help you to make a strong decision.

Check the credentials – Real Estate agents have areas of specialization which they gain from training. Some designations of real estate agents are: SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative), and CRS (Certified Residential Specialist). If you happen to encounter real estate agents with such credentials, don’t hesitate to choose them.

Awards and Recognitions – The fruit of the labor of a real estate agent is a credible aspect that gauges his/her performance. The awards and recognitions are proof that a real estate agent doesn’t just work, but he works with quality and excellence. To him, the number of apartments for rent in Dubai that he closed is just the outcome of the quality service that he displays. If a real estate agent has all of these awards and recognitions, that’s a big plus for your decision!

Check the agent’s current listings – Is he/she picking up good listings? Are the rental prices aligned with the current market demand? These are special factors that you need to consider as well. A serious and credible real estate agent will be very keen with his/her listings. He/she understands that a property must be rented and not just listed. Hence, a good listing must possess affordability, accessibility, security, comfort, and safety. If these characteristics are in a real estate agent’s listings, this is also another plus!


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