Tips for young professionals who want to rent an apartment in Dubai
19 Jan, 2019 By

Before anything else, allow us to congratulate you for pushing your career to the land of opportunities, Dubai. We are much aware that most of the population in this region is here to seek better career opportunities and to earn and save too. Young professionals venturing in Dubai don’t only build better career paths but they also develop independence, self-discipline, accountability, and responsibility. As such, renting an apartment in Dubai becomes a necessity. But how could young professionals become wise in renting properties?

You should look for apartments in trusted listing websites. If you’re a new young professional in Dubai, there are strong chances that someone might take advantage of you and your finances. You may have done a little research about Dubai and its laws, but it’s always safe to choose reliable and licensed listing websites when finding apartments for rent in Dubai. Property portals like allow you to specify the type of property that you wish to rent, the price, and other conditions that will be favorable for your need. If you’re targeting to find an apartment for rent in Dubai Marina for instance, has all the options you can choose from.

Don’t settle for one plan. Keep in mind that renting an apartment should be long term goal. You need to have your expenses ready for the next couple of years. It’s strongly recommended to list down your preferred locations three months in advance. Landlords prefer tenants who are ready to move within a month’s time. So be specific with your preferences and make sure that the property you will be renting will be comfortable, affordable, accessible, and secure.

View the unit and make sure to write down the minutes of your visit. Don’t forget to take photographs so you can further evaluate the property after the viewing. This will help you create a stronger decision if the apartment for rent that you viewed will be your final choice for your home in Dubai. Be particular with the environment, the kind of neighbors you will have, close proximity to means of public transportation in case you don’t drive, distance from your workplace, and other amenities available like the gymnasium and the swimming pools.

Finalize the offer and reserve the property. If you’re quite unsure about the offer, seek advice from the property consultant of the agency you trusted to find an apartment for rent. These experts will come up with the best possible price that will fit your budget and the landlord’s desired rental amount. Once you’re satisfied with the offer, reserve the property right away. Usually, you’ll pay 5% of the rental amount for the security deposit which is refundable.

Be particular with legalities. It’s your right to know the law of the land by heart. There may be some terms in your tenancy contract which may seem unfamiliar to you. Know your rights so you can enjoy renting your new apartment without hassle. Bear in mind that once you sign the contract, there’s no turning back. So read all the terms, conditions, and agreements thoroughly. Your property consultant will let you know the necessary documents that you need to secure like the DEWA, Ejari, and Move-in form. Once these procedures are done, you could happily move-in to your new apartment in Dubai!


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