Tips for first-time Landlords
18 Feb, 2019 By

You might be wondering how landlords are making profit with their apartments for rent in Dubai. As a first-time landlord, there are a lot of simple reminders that you need to take into consideration so you could achieve your end goal. What is your main objective as a landlord? Check out these helpful tips:

  1. Prioritize Renting – This must become your mindset every time. Rent is your source of income. Surprisingly, many landlords forget to prioritize getting their properties leased. A lot of people are browsing the web and searching for available apartments for rent in Dubai every day. There are a lot of aggressive landlords in the market who are working tirelessly just to get their properties rented. So don’t slack-off so you could avoid long void periods.

  2. Select tenants carefully - Your property is your investment which you will entrust to someone whenever it gets rented. If you will just entrust it to someone for the sake of renting it out, you might suffer consequences which may cost you more. Set standards and guidelines so you could avoid getting disappointed in the end. Remember that there are no perfect tenants but there are those whom you could trust once you know them. Keep your standards attainable and never pressure yourself even if there are a lot of apartments for rent in Dubai getting let.

  3. Know the law – You can’t just rent any property based on your own terms. Here in Dubai, there are certain laws that you must carefully follow so you could let your apartment for rent without difficulty. By knowing the law you avoid careless decisions and heavy consequences which may entirely affect your business. You can always go and check the government’s guidelines and laws when it comes to letting your property through their website.

  4. Renovate wisely – Make sure to balance your finances thoroughly. If you are to renovate your apartment so it could get rented faster that’s a good step. But if the amount that you spend in renovating your apartment will never lead to a higher rental rate to cover up your expenses, then you must think twice. Your goal is not just to get your apartment rented but to gain good profit from it as well. Avoid making hasty decisions.

  5. List with a trusted agency – Having the right agency to help you let your property is a huge advantage compared to marketing it on your own. There are property portals that allow you to list your property for free and help you gain a massive reach online. Though there may be a lot of apartments for rent in Dubai that are being marketed online, if you list your property to an exceptional agency that offers a unique real estate service, you are guaranteed to get your property rented faster!


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