Landlords Reveal: Top things they wish tenants knew
25 Feb, 2019 By

Being an owner of a property is a huge responsibility. You have to comply with a lot of rules and regulations and make sure that your property gets maintained in good shape. For some tenants it’s just about looking for apartments for rent in Dubai and renting it. Sometimes, things get difficult when tenants and landlords don’t get along. This could be due to the past experiences of the tenant from previous landlords. Here are helpful suggestions that will enable tenants and landlords to maintain a healthy relationship.

  1. Paying bills on-time – This must be automatic for any tenant who wishes to rent an apartment. But for some reason, due to past experiences, some tenants get used to delaying their rental payment. Learn to set your priorities. If you have other bills to pay, consider paying your rent as one of your top priorities. At the end of the day, paying your rent on time is your responsibility as a tenant. Some landlords might be fully-dependent on your rental pay. In some cases, there might be untoward circumstances that need immediate action. Just put yourself in the position of your landlord so you could understand it well.

  2. Maintain courtesy – Some tenants are not aware of the proper boundaries between them and their landlord. Don’t throw any bad actions or words against your landlord if there are any issues on their property. As much as you want things to get resolved, all the more does your landlord want it as well. Keep in mind that you are renting an apartment so technically it belongs to the landlord. Never act rudely as if you are the owner of the property.

  3. Be a listener – Landlords know everything in your home than you do. If a landlord demonstrates how to trip a breaker or other important things in the home, please pay careful attention. Never disregard simple details and end up complaining on the next day. When a landlord entrusts his apartment for rent for you, you are given the responsibility to maintain everything. It pays to give careful attention to every detail that your landlord speaks about.

  4. Cooperate with them – You are the eyes and ears of the landlord for his property. If there are certain concerns that need to be addressed, never hesitate to let your landlord know it. Don’t try to solve things on your own if you don’t have enough knowledge regarding the issue. Just be honest with the circumstance and your landlord will handle the things beyond your control.

  5. Honesty is the key – Let your landlord know if you’re going through financial difficulties. If you lost your job or someone in your home left, don’t hesitate to open it up with your landlord. If you address these things well, your landlord would surely understand everything and will find the best solution regarding your situation. It’s always great to rent an apartment when both tenants and landlords are open with one another.


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