The future is now for UAE’s real estate
14 Nov, 2018 By

Change indeed is the only constant in this world. Especially for UAE’s real estate market, a lot of rapid advancements and technologies are being adapted in the industry which enables developers, investors, and clients to speed up processes and transactions. With this continuous adaption of technological advancements in the region, Dubai can soon become a center for real estate technology and would soon influence the whole country. Startup companies are venturing in the region with their fresh technological ideas and solutions that are aimed to advance Dubai’s real estate market.

With the adaption of Virtual Reality for instance, when a client books a viewing for the property that he wishes to rent, he can take a virtual tour of the property through his smart phone, making it more convenient for him anywhere he may be. Some virtual reality tools allow users to see three-dimensional floorplans and do 3D tours of the property. Soon enough, the concept of hologram for real estate will turn into reality too.

Blockchain has already been adapted by the Dubai Land Department and has greatly improved real estate transactions. Soon, we may experience blockchain technology when it comes to processing real estate contracts in the future. Renting will soon be faster than what we experience right now. Blockchain ensures high-speed and highly-secured transactions which can entirely revolutionize the way we see Dubai real estate. Now that transactions will be done online, there will be less hassle of documenting every single transaction, and there will be less paper work too!

The future for Dubai’s real estate market is indeed fast moving! People are building the future and it’s being built rapidly. This move for the Dubai real estate will not only provide a new level of convenience for clients, but it will entirely transform the way the world will see Dubai real estate.

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