The marketing power of Social Media in Real Estate
19 Sep, 2018 By

Welcome to the constantly progressing internet age! Nowadays, it has become easier to reach a huge volume of people in as fast as a click or a touch. Whenever you go online and search for apartments for rent in Dubai, some portals are able to show the statistics of the ad you uploaded. You will be able to monitor if the ad you placed gained impressions, or if it had inquiries. This is the way of marketing nowadays, so making use of this trend can help you succeed.

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools today that is used in the Real Estate in Dubai. There may be a lot of Real Estate companies around, but the ones that stand out are those properties who make use of social media. When potential clients are searching for properties for rent in Dubai, their search engine gives them a list of possible websites. Till then, having a direct contact with a client can take you some time.

Social Media has entirely changed the way of property marketing. You can make the approach personal which can help you get in touch with a potential client right away! Facebook for instance enables a user to create a post in their personal profile, or create a page where you can advertise your properties. Instagram on the other hand can reach a larger scale of audience with the help of quality photography and the appropriate hashtags. These two platforms are amongst the major Social Media which you can maximize when marketing your property.

As a tenant, social media has made it easy for us to look for apartments for rent in Dubai. As for the Landlords, using the right key words as hashtags like “properties for rent in Dubai” will enable you to reach specific audiences which could turn out to be potential tenants. Social Media itself is bridging the distance of tenants and clients while creating strong interactions and customer relationships. If you are planning to market your property today, maximize the power of Social Media and you’ll be amazed at how powerful and how efficient you could be.

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