The risks of subleasing
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Did any of your friends ever ask you to take over their home while they are gone, given that you would be responsible for the rent payment and everything that their home needs? We could simply refer to that term as subleasing. But how safe is subleasing? Is it legal here in Dubai? Before making any decision right away, beware of the possible risks that subleasing may impose.

There must be a clear agreement between you and your landlord. Your landlord is the owner of the home you are in. The decision for you to sublease your space must be mutual so that if anything happens, you can always go back to your agreement. Unauthorized subleasing will be dealt by the law accordingly and may even have hefty fines. Better to be honest with your transaction than to risk yourself, and the person who will sublease.

Unauthorized subleasing limits your control in your space. If there are instances that you need repairs or you need to request for anything, addressing it to the landlord will not be possible. In some cases, when untoward incidents happen, huge consequences will arise.

If in case the landlord agrees, prioritize people who you can trust. A family member, a relative, or a close friend will surely take good care of your space. However, there are risky cases where we need an urgent tenant and the only option is to find someone who needs it now as well. You don’t know him/her personally but since you are in a rush, you have no choice.

You will never have an idea on how the person will use your space. You don’t know his/her lifestyle, if he/she will take care of your space, or how he/she would get along with your neighbors. Instead of spending a good time in your vacation, your mind wasn’t able to relax at all because you are thinking of what is happening in your home.

Subleasing could be beneficial for both tenant and landlord, given that every house guidelines would be strictly followed, and there is mutual agreement between both parties.

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