You need to rent an apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis now!
27 Jan, 2019 By

Let us introduce you to this rising community populated with advanced technology, innovation, and commercial sectors. Dubai Silicon Oasis is indeed an ideal community to look for apartments for rent. Most families prefer to stay in this amazing community for a certain number of reasons. Here are solid reasons why you need to find apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

  1. Highly-secured gated communities – whenever a community prioritizes the safety and wellness of its residents, you should never think twice about finding a home in that area. At Dubai Silicon Oasis, security is a priority. These gated communities radiate a peaceful environment, making it a very suitable place to live and become a home. If you are a family with children who love to run around and play outside the house all the time, you will have no problem letting them outside to play.

  2. Balanced Community – The area isn’t just populated with residential spaces, but also businesses and commercial buildings. If you happen to find apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis, career opportunities are just around the corner. You may even find yourself walking to work from your home as these companies are all over the community. And after work, you could easily unwind as there plenty of recreational spaces in the community as well.

  3. Affordable Rents – Dubai Silicon Oasis gives you an excellent value for your money. Apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis begin at an affordable price of AED 33,000! And you don’t just rent an apartment here. Quality and comfort are always secured when you rent any property in this area. 1 and 2 Bedroom apartments range from AED 57,000 to AED 78,000. Imagine how much you can save if you rent an apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis through! You don’t need to pay any commission with them!

  4. City within a city – The reason why renting an apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis is a popular choice for most families are because it is self-sustaining. You don’t need to travel too far to dine, shop, or chill and drink coffee. Supermarkets and corner shops are almost everywhere in this community. Huge groceries with big names are just a few minutes away from your location too. There are mosques within the community while other churches are a few minutes’ drive from the area. Notable hospitals and clinics are also accessible in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

  5. World Class Schools and Universities – Dubai Silicon Oasis hosts a wide array of institutions that promote quality education. The area is in very close proximity to the Academic City which hosts the best schools in Dubai. If you have children, securing a good future for them is your priority. If you happen to rent an apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis, you are one step ahead in securing that proper education for them. Top rated schools in DSO offer both IB and UK curriculum.


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