The most common neighbors you can encounter in your new space
27 Aug, 2018 By

Some of you might find this post funny and relatable. But come to think of it. This is the reality of renting a home here in Dubai. You will really encounter different kinds of people with different kinds of personalities. And what else can you do? Just be ready for anyone you might face. If the home you are renting has neighbors like these, well congratulations! You are having a complete experience of living here in Dubai. Check our list:

  1. The Call Center Guy/Girl – There’s not a day that that he/she calls someone. Even at your first day of renting, you might actually know her whole life just by listening from your room. Don’t be surprised at all. This kind of neighbor is someone who could be really loud, so might as well prepare your earplugs before you sleep or jack-in your earphones and just listen to a good music

  2. The Snoring Machine – it’s already past 11pm and you found yourself wide awake and having a hard time going to sleep. You are bothered at the sound of a noisy engine and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Suddenly you realize that it’s just your neighbor who has fallen into a very deep sleep. As a courtesy, you opted to adjust instead of complaining. You wear your earplugs and go back to sleep. Don’t be surprised at all. This is a normal scenario for most expats who are renting a home. You’ll soon get used to it.

  3. The Eater – This guy will always be present if there is food. You don’t need to invite this person at all, and he/she will still show up at the dining table. In some unfortunate cases, there are evolved versions of “The Eater” who consumes any food you leave on the fridge. Imagine saving the last slice of cake for yourself and munching it once you get home from work. And you have this hungry neighbor who doesn’t mind who owns the food in the fridge. Life could be unfair sometimes. Just prepare a ton of patience for this guy. For sure you will be able to understand his/her “needs.”

  4. The Complain and Blame Neighbor – Is there some leak in the faucet? Are there unwashed dishes? Is the A/C malfunctioning? Do you have annoying neighbors? This guy sees them all! He/she tells all of it to the Landlord but won’t give any definitive solution for each complaint. He/she has blamed almost everyone in the house including the Landlord! Don’t ever get surprised if this guy blames you for being too silent at home. Kidding aside, you will need a lot of understanding if you have this kind of neighbor. It’s always better to be on the understanding side than to be understood for your attitude.

Do you know someone who belongs in the list? Do you see yourself on the list? These kinds of people bring the spice to your renting experience in Dubai. Just enjoy every bit of moment you have as you live in your home, and take these people as a challenge to improve your personality even more.

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