5 mistakes to avoid when renting an apartment
13 Feb, 2019 By kaye@rightdoors.com

Finding your dream home is a critical decision that you must carefully make. It is a one-time decision that focuses on a long term end goal. If you are looking for apartments for rent in Dubai, there are certain guidelines and reminders that you must remember. So before making any decision to rent an apartment or any property please make sure to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Not researching about the Real Estate Agency – It’s easy to create a “legit-looking” website nowadays. With the kind of technology that we have right now, anyone can take advantage of creating a website and make it look real. Never make hasty decisions. When a certain website gives the property for rent that you are exactly looking for, it’s always best to do a background check. Check the Google reviews, Social Media pages, and if possible, ask an expert for better guidance. Prevention is always better than long term consequences.

  2. Not checking current tenants – Speaking with a stranger may seem awkward at first. But the best way to know the quality of a real estate agency is to hear from their current tenants. Are they satisfied with the apartment for rent in Dubai that they found? How do the agents of the company deal with their clients? You may speak with the landlord of a certain apartment if you wish to get access with their current tenants. Remember that this is your right. You should never hesitate to ask such questions.

  3. Visiting the apartment only once – Checking your chosen apartment once is not an ideal way. Although there are certain factors like busy schedules and unfavorable circumstances, it’s still best to check on the apartment at least a couple of times. Most tenants who move-in right away without checking the apartment a couple of times regret the latter problems that they encounter. The noise in the building and the safety of the neighborhood are two factors that clients fail to see if they choose to see the apartment only once. If you want to carefully study your home of choice, you don’t need the assistance of an agent or a landlord (given that the building is open to be viewed publicly). This will help you to make wise decisions before renting an apartment in Dubai.

  4. Not negotiating the rental price – Again, it’s your right to demand what’s only in your budget. Some tenants just go with the current rental price without trying to negotiate it. Tenancy contracts are flexible, given that both you and the landlord come up with a fair agreement. Don’t just settle for something that’s there. Keep in mind that saving money is another factor that you must consider before finalizing to rent an apartment.

  5. Not reading the tenancy contract thoroughly – Most clients who complain about their properties are those who fail to check on the lease agreement thoroughly. Don’t just skim and sign. It’s not just about finding an apartment for rent in Dubai and moving in right away. The apartment that you wish to make your home should provide you comfort as well. If there are uncertain terms in your tenancy contract, don’t be afraid to ask your property consultant to make things clear. At the end of the day, your one-time decision to rent an apartment will have a long-term effect.


13 Mar, 2019

Although the reasons listed in the video are things to consider, we'd like to add: Don't assume that moving is the answer to your issues. Moving comes with its own expenses and problems to consider. Keep your options open. Learn through touring other properties what you like and don't like. Analyze what is essential for you. It is quite necessary to try understanding the bigger picture based on what you want when it comes to your new apartment. And, always read the lease agreement carefully and thoroughly before putting your signature on it. After all, finding your place to call home is a big decision. We wish you the best of luck on your apartment hunting!