Are you living in an ideal community?
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Just look around your neighborhood and observe. Are you truly satisfied with the community you belong to? As we all know, the Real Estate in Dubai has adapted to a lot of changes in the market in order to keep up with the demand of the clients. There are certain characteristics in a community that makes it qualified to be called a livable community. Let’s dig in and find out if you belong in an ideal community.

We will go back to the basic needs of man. A human being needs food, shelter, and clothing for him/her to be considered living sufficiently. In a community, there is one characteristic that distinguishes it as livable. According to a statement from Dr. Mona Hemy, chair of the Architecture Department at Jeddah’s Dar Al Hekma College, in an article in gulf news, the best communities are those that cultivate interaction. We’ve seen films and TV shows that illustrate what an ideal community looks like. Children running happily in green parks, neighbors interacting and spending a good time, peaceful streets, well-lit spaces, and shops and restaurants that provide all of man’s needs.

Even dating back as far as ancient times, people are dependent on greenery and water. This is the nature of us human beings. We are dependent on the natural resources of this world we live in. With the presence of greenery and water in a community, you will see a big difference on how residents interact and maximize the space they live in. By carefully observing this, you will understand that ideal communities are those that create a natural environment for human beings to live. Surround it with the basic things that man needs and you have a community that you can call a “happy place.”

It’s good to know that these factors are the ones that Real Estate developers are looking on to. More communities are being built to create an atmosphere that will boost the morale and perspective of its residents. One could simply say that when a person has everything that he needs in a community, he/she may find it as the ideal kind of life. Till then, a man will remain in the state of bliss no matter where he may live if there is true contentment in his/her heart.

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