A day in the life of a Real Estate Agent
26 Sep, 2018 By kaye@rightdoors.com

The sun comes up and another new day begins. Today is the day that you’re about to see that apartment for rent in Dubai that you inquired from that online estate agent you made contact with. You prepare yourself for the viewing. A few hours later, you arrive at the meeting place and meet your agent. He tells you everything you need, you agree to what he says, and then you part ways. The day ends well and you begin to rest. Now let’s flip to the other side of the coin…

Your agent’s day began with a lot of calls from clients and his follow up calls for landlords. Then he received an inquiry from you, when you searched for a property for rent in Dubai and then you selected a property. He calls you and tells you every necessary detail about the property you wish to view, and then he sets an appointment with you. As he checks his schedule, he’s making sure that the rest of the viewings that he planned for that day will have enough intervals for the meeting he arranged with you.

He wakes up the next day and meets his other 3 clients in 3 different locations before going to the appointment he arranged with you. He encountered all sorts of situations like traffic jams, irate clients, and a bunch of calls while he is on the way to meet you. Still, he was able to show up on time and keep himself looking fresh and professional. The viewing of the property goes well for both of you. Your agent felt satisfied that you decided right away to rent the property. He goes back and speaks with the landlord and the deal is done.

The next day, he prepares the necessary documents and he gets the necessary signatories so the deal could finally be done and the property could be turned over to you. The agent prepares for another new day full of calls and all sorts of possible situations that he may encounter.

A Real Estate Agent’s profession is no joke. Despite all the circumstances they encounter every day, they still manage to show up to their commitments professionally. So whenever you are looking for an apartment for rent in Dubai, don’t forget to extend your gratitude to the agent who’s willing to help you have your desired property. Give them a tap on the back or any gesture of appreciation, to show them that the effort and dedication that they give are not in vain.

To all Real Estate Agents out there, we extend our sincerest gratitude and respect towards your sworn commitment. You are all highly appreciated!

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