Are you a landlord? You are not allowed to do these things!
21 Feb, 2019 By

Being a landlord is a huge responsibility. Your obligation doesn’t end when a tenant rents your apartment. You must always make sure that your property is well-maintained and that your tenant is highly-satisfied with their stay. Still, there are certain limitations that landlords must remember. If you are a new landlord and you have an apartment for rent in Dubai that just got let, you must remember these things:

  1. Landlords can’t enter a tenant’s home without notice – Though the home belongs to you technically, it’s not legal to enter a tenant’s home whenever you want to. There are certain rules in UAE that you must carefully follow when it comes to this concern. Usually, you need to provide at least 24 to 48 hours’ notice before visiting a tenant’s apartment. The notice must include the reason of the landlord’s visit which is often about a home repair or sometimes a prospective future tenant wants to view the property. But if in case of emergency (fire, gas leak) or if the tenant has abandoned the apartment, the landlord has the right to go to his property.

  2. Landlords can’t hold/freeze tenants – There are legalities that landlords must go through if they want to evict a tenant. It’s not legal for landlords to end the tenant’s occupancy before the expiration of the lease without giving prior notice. A landlord can’t just lock a tenant out of the property without a proper explanation or he may face legal charges which could turn into a much more serious issue. Before making any decision as a landlord, keep in mind the governing laws that are present. Keep this in mind if you have an apartment for rent so you could avoid conflicts.

  3. Landlords can’t charge beyond what’s written in the contract – The agreement signed by both parties will remain constant except for very few legal circumstances. Some factors which may change the rental price include purchasing a pet, renovating a certain part of the property, or if a new tenant joins the home. Nonetheless, what’s written and agreed in the contract will not be changed. A lot of landlords who have apartments for rent in Dubai carefully read through the contract to ensure that everything is fair for both him and the tenant.

  4. Landlords should never discriminate – Even if you’re not a landlord, discriminating someone based on their race or skin color is an unacceptable attitude. If you’re placing an ad regarding your apartment for rent, it’s unethical to write in the description that your property is not available for certain nationalities. You may have preferences in your mind but you must remember to welcome any tenant that wishes to inquire about your property. You can politely say no if you don’t agree with a prospective tenant. But never discriminate someone just because of your preferences.


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