Common conflicts between Landlords and Tenants
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For every kind of relationship, there are certain differences which must be settled in order to avoid conflicts. When it comes to the Real Estate in Dubai, the relationship between a landlord and a tenant must be kept healthy. But for some instances, there are common issues that are often encountered by landlords and tenants. However, these certain situations could easily be resolved, given that both parties are willing to give way to each other and come up with a united solution to resolve such issues.

  1. Repairs and Replacements – Tenants often complain about faulty wirings or defective pipelines. Landlords must remember that they are fully responsible in maintaining the condition of the property. Wirings and water pipes must constantly be checked in order to maintain the quality condition of your home. The interior look of the property is another major concern that landlords must put their focus on. The moods of the tenants are strongly affected by the look and feel of their surroundings. If replacements are necessary, landlords must take an action in order to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

  2. Unforeseen Payment delays – There are certain instances where both landlords and tenants need to meet deadlines. In some cases, payment deadlines happen to fall all at once. This situation pushes the landlord to put pressure on the tenant to make the rent payment. However, the tenant is also in a situation where his/her salary is delayed, or the money which was meant for the payment was used for emergency. This kind of conflict doesn’t happen all the time, but if ever you encounter it, be sure to be open minded.

  3. Subletting – In some landlord/tenant agreements, subletting is legal. But in some cases where subletting isn’t mutually agreed upon, this could cause a lot of conflicts. Sub-tenants will never be able to point out repairs and other issues in the house since they are not legal to stay there. And when landlords discover this unauthorized subletting, it could cause major conflicts. The best way to prevent this issue is to clarify everything from the beginning.

  4. Leaving the property in good condition – Landlords entrust their properties to their tenants. Once a tenant agrees to sign the contract, it automatically means that the property’s maintenance is the tenant’s full responsibility. Up until the last day of stay of the tenant in the house, it is a courtesy to the landlord that the property will be left in a good condition. In some instances, tenants disregard this “unspoken rule” which causes conflicts. So in order to prevent such circumstances, be sure to keep the courtesy no matter what kind of experience you had with the landlord.

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