Do property photographs still matter?
16 Feb, 2019 By

If you have apartments for rent in Dubai and you want to get them listed, the property consultant whom you spoke with might have asked for pictures of your property. Some may say that the details of the property (price, size, location, type) are enough to get it rented. Some may even tell you to just get images from the web and use it on their ad. Let me tell you how important it is to use proper images to market your property.

We people are naturally visual. If there’s an ad on social media regarding apartments for rent in Dubai for instance, the caption in the post doesn’t get your attention at first. It’s the image that you saw which made you curious about the post. This implies that a good visual presentation of your property could easily attract a client to check out on your ad. All the more if you entrust your property to an exceptional real estate agency offering unique services, for sure it will get rented very fast!

A good impression could give a long term result. If you’re posting quality pictures regarding your property, this gives the client the impression that your property is well-maintained. Furthermore, anyone can easily recommend your property to their family or friends because it is well advertised. With more referrals, your property could get rented very fast. That’s how helpful it is to use quality photographs for your advertisements.

In some property portals, the photographs that you use on your ad greatly affect your quality score. Then your ad gets filtered by their system and then ranked based on quality. Keep in mind that there are a lot of apartments for rent in Dubai that are advertised on many property portals. If you use high-quality images combined with an ideal rental price, size, and features, you’re sure to get your property leased right away!

Photographs are not just for the sake of complying with the requirements of a certain property portal. If you’re marketing an apartment for rent with an ideal price and excellent features, it must also reflect on the images that you are posting. Quality images should always be balanced with the quality of the property that you want to get rented. If you always ensure these important factors, getting your property rented will be very easy for you.

Always put yourself in the position of a client. Quality photographs contribute to the decision of a client to rent the property right away. The images from your property should already convince the client to rent it. Quality should always come on top. If you keep quality standards, you will get quality clients to rent your property in return.


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