How much do you save from paying commission?
26 Dec, 2018 By

Paying commission is a standard in Dubai real estate. Traditionally if you look for an apartment for rent, you are obliged to pay a certain percentage of your total rental amount to your agent. The standard 5% commission is a heavy load to carry. For instance, villas in Dubai are quite pricey. If you find a villa for rent in Dubai, can you imagine how much you would pay for commission? Right Doors came into the Dubai real estate market to offer a unique service which replaces the traditional 5% commission with a flat agency fee of AED 999! Looking for any property for rent with Right Doors is much more convenient!

Since you only need to pay a flat agency fee with Right Doors, you are able to save a huge amount! If you look for an apartment for rent in Dubai Marina, you can save as much as AED 8,000 in commission! With that amount, you can buy new appliances for your home and still be able to save for other expenses! When it comes to looking for an apartment for rent, choosing Right Doors is the best and only decision that can totally change your life.

You can save as much as AED 3,300 when you find an apartment for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis. You can buy a new Iphone with that amount or go on a 3 day vacation outside UAE! This advantage of finding an apartment for rent and gaining a lot of savings and benefits is only possible with Right Doors!

Did you know that when you find an apartment for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road, you can save as much as AED 19,000 in commission? That money is enough to send your children to a school here in Dubai! And if you would like to start a small business that certain amount can be of big help! Right Doors has indeed changed the way we rent an apartment in Dubai.

Right Doors is the first and only commission-free real estate in Dubai. This means that you can never find this kind of service with other estate agents! Find an apartment for rent in Dubai with Right Doors now and experience for yourself how much you can save from paying commission! You will never go wrong when you choose what’s right!


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