The Magnificent Structures that stood with Dubai from the beginning
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From a majestic, vast dessert to a state-of-the-art city in the UAE, Dubai tremendously rose to where it is today at a fast-progressing pace. Dating as far as back as 1969, this was the first year that Dubai exported oil. Even during 1095 AD, there are records that mention Dubai as a well-known Arab market. This was an essential beginning for the city as it helped Dubai to be known in the world, and it has become a world-renowned city as we know today. Upon the rise of Dubai came the upsurge of its first structures which are still standing up until today. Here are 5 of the majestic structures that witnessed the humble beginnings of the city.

  1. Al Ahmadiya School – built in 1912, Al Ahmadiya is known as the first school ever built in Dubai. Soon it was renovated as a Museum of Education which is located in the Al Ras area of Deira, Dubai. The school closed in 1965 and reopened in March 2000. Among the former students of this school was Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the 1950s. Now it’s an open museum that can be freely visited every day.

  2. Bait Al Wakeel – Considered as the first office building in Dubai, this magnificent structure was built by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum in 1934. It was restored in 1995 and now it showcases a maritime museum and a heritage restaurant. The area is located next to the textile souk in Bur Dubai. The area is overlooking at the water which gives you a refreshing view of the abras and dhows. From across, you’ll see one of the three historic watchtowers that used to guard Dubai from dessert tribes, the Burj Nahar.

  3. Dubai Museum – Dating back as far as 1787, it is known as the oldest existing building in the Al Fahidi Fort. The museum displays various exhibits that portray the humble beginnings of Dubai from the discovery of oil, and other colorful works of art. The museum officially opened in 1971, and it features galleries of recreated souks, Arab homes, farms, mosques, and other historical remnants of Dubai. It also displays artifacts from Asia and Africa dating back to third millennium BC.

  4. Grand Mosque (Dubai) – This is the oldest mosque in Dubai which was built in the 1850s. Located between the textile souk and the Dubai Museum in the Bur Dubai area, the building underwent demolition and was built again in 1960, and was further rebuilt in 1998. The Grand Mosque was originally planned as a school for the study of Qu’ran. It welcomed its first students in the year 1900.

  5. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House – You can find this historic house built in 1896 at the Shindagha area. Till 1958, the Al Maktoum family stayed at this house. Now it has been renovated as a museum which exhibits the history of Dubai. It has a rare collection of historic photographs of sheikhs, as well as the kind of life in Dubai during the past. You can come and visit this area every day for an entrance fee of 3 AED for adults and 1 AED for children under 6 years old.

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