A New Real Estate Investor’s guide to become successful
12 Aug, 2018 By kaye@rightdoors.com

If we would be observing the market of the Real Estate in Dubai, its growth rate continually upsurges. This is due to its strong economy which investors, developers, and entrepreneurs benefit. As expo2020 comes close, more opportunities in the Real Estate market are getting opened thus, inspiring aspiring investors to build their path of success towards the Real Estate in Dubai.

It is a known fact that the strong market of Real Estate made a way for new investors to venture to the industry. It has always been the trend since the Real Estate in Dubai became established. Still, only a few of these investors find their success in the industry. How did they reach that point of success? Here are a few tips to become a successful Real Estate Investor.

  1. Expand your network – No one gets successful alone. The successful Real Estate Investors that we know today invested first on building strong relationships. So make sure to build a good rapport during Real Estate Networking events. The contact that you can make today may soon play a key role in your success tomorrow!

  2. Your expenses matter – Keep track of your cash flow. You will not always have a tenant and at times, there would be necessary repairs for your property in order that it may become rentable. Plan ahead so you can allocate your finances well.

  3. Stick to the reality – As a new investor, there will always be a lot of competition in the market. Successful Real Estate Investors projected these risks after they’ve encountered such situations and found a way to get back. Sometimes you need to experience down times so you can get back stronger. Just be ready and you’ll learn to overcome these circumstances.

  4. Your strength is your key to success – Knowing where you’re good at is a key component to your success. Focus first on your strength then eventually, you’ll learn to balance the ropes. Remember that you’ll only be able to hit the target if you have a clear focus. If you want to succeed, do it one at a time.

  5. Decide with your mind, not with your heart – Don’t invest in Real Estate because you are pressured or you “just feel” that you will succeed in this industry. Be mindful that an investment is a commitment. There would be risks and failures. If the reason for your investment is shallow, you will just be wasting a lot of resources from your end.

  6. Be Patient – A Real Estate investment is not an instant money maker. The waiting part will always be the hardest part. And from there, you will learn a lot about yourself as an Investor and the Real Estate Market. Use those times to evaluate your strategies and analyze your performance so you could become better.

Still, the accomplishment of your investment lies on how decided you are to succeed. These tips may help you out as you start your journey as a Real Estate Investor but in the end, the path to your success will teach you more and develop your character to become the best.

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12 Aug, 2018

Very Interesting post. Looking forward to more.

Imran Rashid
12 Aug, 2018

Great post on how investors should really invest their money in Real Estate. I have invested in Dubai and India and has given me great returns over the years.