Green Alert: The future of Real Estate towards a cleaner, greener environment
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If you would ask me what the future looks like for real estate, I would strongly say that you only need to look at the communities here in Dubai. We’ve seen so much change for the past decades in our world and there have been pros and cons to these. We are responsible for our environment. All of us desire a livable world and this desire strongly relies on our initiative. Though there had been numerous decisions in our history that made a negative impact in our environment, our desire to make the world a better place pushed us to develop green technology.

An efficient community is focused on sustainability and the welfare of its people. Most of the communities being built in Dubai are focused on a green environment. Not only does it combat pollution and create a cool environment, but it also relieves us from stress. A fresh environment contributes to the wellness of a person. It gives you peace of mind as well, making you efficient at work or at home.

And as we head towards the future, there are proposed communities in Dubai such as Majid Al Futtaim’s Tilal Al Ghaf development which aims to reduce carbon footprint in Dubai by 55%. According to Gulf News, this environment-changing project aims to achieve sustainability through the use of clean energy. The key player for their goal is the use of renewable solar panels.

Renewable solar panels would provide 20% of energy needs. Certain residences of this future community would have solar panels which would provide 45% of the energy that the house needs. Street lights and other light sources in the community would also be powered by solar panels. Other initiatives from the project include water filters for houses (to reduce the consumption of bottled water), water features would be topped using ground water (to relieve pressure on the water table), and a system that will divert 60% of the construction waste from landfill (up to 30% waste could be recycled during operation).This project’s target completion is at 2027.

This is the future of our Real Estate. To develop a livable environment that cares about you and the world.

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Greate Article about Dubai.