Save your time and effort with the Ejari app!
21 Nov, 2018 By

In just 15 seconds you can register your rent contract with the Ejari app! This new service launched by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) can ensure efficiency and less hassle for transactions. Fees are also reduced through the use of this app.

New features in the Ejari smart application will allow "landlords to register and renew lease contracts and digitally send contracts to tenants for approval and vice versa without the need to review a real estate service trustee concerned with the registration of Ejari contracts", a DLD official said in an article by Khaleej Times.

Real estate tenants can now directly renew and register their rent contracts with the property owners whose Ejari system has already expired. This means that a huge percentage of clients who have this app will no longer need to worry about travelling and visiting approved centers by DLD. Say goodbye to long queues and time consuming procedures for your property rental.

The app’s process is simple. When tenants register their lease form on the Ejari app, the owner/landlord will receive an SMS notification for review. The owner/landlord will then approve the application uploaded by the tenant through the app. Once these steps are done, the Ejari contract will now be activated and it can be used in many transactions.

This initiative by the Dubai Land Department is aligned with the Smart Dubai vision and Dubai Paperless Strategy which aims to maximize the power of technology to improve the lives of people in the region. We can expect more technological ideas to come for Dubai as years pass by.

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