Why is it ideal to rent an apartment in Discovery Gardens?
26 Jan, 2019 By kaye@rightdoors.com

For new people trying to explore Dubai, it wouldn’t be a surprise if most would of them would prefer to rent an apartment in city areas like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Factors for this preference may include proximity to work areas, accessibility to major destinations in Dubai, easy access to tourist destinations, top hangout and dining spots, and more! But since Dubai is a land of opportunities and possibilities, there’s an ideal choice for people who prefer to rent an apartment in Dubai away from the busy city life.

Discovery Gardens is a community filled with multi-sized apartments, lush green areas, desert blooms, and refreshing public parks. Those are just some of the amazing things to watch out if you are to rent an apartment in this area. What’s unique in this area is its recognition of leisure as a vital part of an ideal lifestyle. Thus, their concept of creating an ideal home isn’t just bounded by beautiful looking apartments or lush green gardens. 30% of the Discovery Gardens community is reserved specifically for landscaping, which is aimed to provide residents all the outside space that they want while all their needs are being accommodated.

If you happen to rent an apartment in Discovery Gardens, it will only take you less than an hour to reach major destinations in Dubai like DIFC, Dubai Marina, Dubai International Airport, and more. If you wish to travel via public transportation, there’s a bus stop and a metro rail that you can easily access. What’s amazing in this area is it is a family-friendly community. Most of your soon to be neighbors would be kids and parents of all ages and nationalities, making it a diverse and interactive community. Moreover, the rental prices in this area are very affordable. You can search apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens at rightdoors.com to find out how convenient it would be for you to live in this area.

There are also tons of places where you can enjoy various activities. Discovery Gardens is near Ibn Batutta Mall and home to community pools, playgrounds, and sporting facilities like basketball courts and tennis courts and they are all free to use! Now that’s an easy way to keep your body healthy and active all the time. Just imagine the activities that you can do during weekends and on your free days. Don’t hesitate to look for apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens now! This is your chance to experience living in a refreshing and environmentally friendly community for an affordable rental price!


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