Celebrities with Real Estate properties in Dubai
30 Aug, 2018 By kaye@rightdoors.com

We are all aware that when it comes to world-class luxury properties, the Real Estate in Dubai is one that’s on top of the list. Dubai’s sphere of influence for premium lifestyle has grown so fast that it attracted entrepreneurs, young professionals, and celebrities to have their own properties here. Yes! Big time celebrities are also investing here in Dubai! Do you have any idea who’s on our list? Here are the 5 influential celebrities who own a luxury property here in Dubai.

  1. David Beckham – He is one of the most influential football athletes that we have ever seen in history. He played in the Premiere League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champion’s League. And just like the champion that he is, he once again proved that he is on top when he purchased a £5million worth of apartment in Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in the world.

  2. Shilpa Shetty – She is a Bollywood actress, producer, writer, and a businesswoman. She is also the winner for the British TV show, Celebrity Big Brother 5. Shilpa got her apartment in Burj Khalifa in 2010. It was a gift from her husband Raj Kundra for their wedding anniversary. 5 years later, it was revealed that the apartment was sold as she needed a bigger property.

  3. Giorgio Armani – When it comes to top fashion brands, his name is on top of the list. His company Armani began in 1975 and by 2001 was commended as the most successful Italian designer brand. He partnered with EMAAR Properties in 2004 to have his own hotel inside Burj Khalifa. And by April 2010, Armani Hotel opened inside the world’s tallest building) .

  4. Hilary Swank – The Hollywood celebrity is a two time Academy Awards winner for Best Actress. She also starred in films such as Freedom Writers in 2007, Red Dust in 2004, etc. She endorsed a development in the World Islands in 2008. The development was named “Aquitainia” and is composed of the Spain and France archipelago.

  5. Michael Schumacher – One of the famous names in F1 racing history, Michael is known to hold the most records in F1 racing. He has 7 World Championship titles, 91 Grand Prix wins, and is “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen” according to the official Formula1 website. He owns a property in the World Island’s Antarctica which is worth $7million.

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