Are you in a livable community?
07 Mar, 2019 By

When residents are satisfied with the place where they are staying, it’s evidence that the community is focused on the welfare of its people. When looking for apartments for rent in Dubai, you take a lot of things into consideration. But more than the major characteristics that you have listed, happiness and satisfaction must be achieved in order to prove that you are living in an ideal city.

Happiness is a vital part of Dubai’s 2021 plan. Making Dubai a happy city is one of the major goals of the region with an aim to empower its people and ensure that people are satisfied. The government’s job is to create happiness, urging government agencies to strive to serve their customers in the best possible way. This was reiterated by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President of the UAE and Prime Minister of Dubai.

If you found an apartment for rent and the community you belong to have a lively vibe with active people, it’s a sign that you are in a happy city. When the area has strong trust and cooperation among its residents, healthy social life, and better economic opportunities, the community is heading towards the right direction of becoming a happy and livable city.

Sustainable mobility is another factor that contributes to a livable city. It was said that the government is working on creating almost 850km of walking lines by the year 2030. As more apartments for rent are being developed in Dubai, having affordable units close to public transportation could greatly contribute to Dubai’s vision. Traffic jams affect the happiness of people in a community. But as more developments towards sustainability and satisfaction of residents are being developed, we could expect Dubai to become a happy city as a whole in the next couple of years.

A happy city must be focused on having a healthy environment. Most of the communities being developed in Dubai nowadays are focused toward healthy living as the area is populated with parks and gardens. You can even check out apartments for rent in certain areas in Dubai where the community is green. Pollution is one major factor that affects the health of people. You can pick up sicknesses and diseases from it. When people feel that they are closer to nature, it gives them a refreshing and reviving atmosphere.

As the government aims to develop Dubai as a happy city, we are indeed favored that the communities being built are open communities. The flexibility of these communities to adapt to the needs of its people makes Dubai one of the best examples of a livable city around the world.


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