The age of digital construction
24 Oct, 2018 By

Welcome to Dubai! Where the future isn’t in a faraway setting, but is happening now! Everywhere you look around; there is technological advancement and a constant progress that puts the region one step ahead from everyone else. The Real Estate in Dubai alone is taking a giant leap towards technological advancement by incorporating the digitization of construction. As we can see, this new type of business model will open up tons of opportunities for Dubai.

New job roles will be opened for this move. Developers will strongly rely on people with special skills on digital construction and a lot of openings for this position will be in demand, as soon as this advancement becomes nationwide.

A huge amount of savings are even projected because of this digitization. It’s estimated that the construction industry could save up to $1.7 trillion (AED 6.24 trillion) in total costs from construction, engineering, and more. With the use of innovation such as 3D printing, virtual reality, wireless sensors, and other forms, construction efficiency will be highly achieved. Also, these technological advancements reduce the risk of errors in the site as each detail for construction will be executed with high precision.

As a result, reducing the amount of construction costs and time, would greatly impact the Real Estate Market. We might be seeing much more affordable properties for rent in Dubai for the next couple of years once this digitization goes full blast. This will be healthy for every nationality that resides in Dubai, and can greatly impact the region’s economic growth. When more homes are affordable, it will have a positive effect on the number of expats that can greatly contribute to the ever-progressing business sector of Dubai.

“Such technology will drive down costs and increase productivity. Dubai is certainly equipped to benefit from the digital readiness in the construction sector on its own and through related government initiatives.” said Nour Kassassir, vice-president and business technology services director for Middle East and Africa at construction technology and engineering firm Parsons, in an interview with gulf news.

So expect much more affordable apartments for rent in Dubai for the next couple of years, and more landlords who will make their properties available, most especially that they can list for free on some property portals. With continued efforts by the Dubai government, all these future plans can turn into reality.

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