A day in the life of a Real Estate Marketer
08 Jan, 2019 By kaye@rightdoors.com

Behind the success of every real estate company is a dedicated team that pushes all efforts to make all things possible. One vital department of a real estate is the marketing team. They are in-charge of advertising several apartments for rent in Dubai which is then closed by the sales team headed by dedicated property consultants. A real estate marketer has to learn the art of multi-tasking in an excellent way, in-order for the company’s properties for rent to get let at the fastest amount of time.

It could be challenging most of the time as marketers have to utilize each available platform to maximize the company’s reach. One modern way that marketers use is the power of social media marketing. With social media, you can specify your target market and create engaging posts which will cater to their need. Marketers are tasked to identify which areas in Dubai have the strongest moving market. For instance, if the apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are going at a fast rate, a marketer must be able to create a unique and engaging post which will stand out from the rest of the competition.

A marketer must develop a fast and creative mind in order to keep up with the fast-paced real estate market. The property for rent that a landlord listed today may be rented by someone else tomorrow. Given this reality, marketers need to think and act quickly so they could help the sales team in closing a deal. If a landlord lists his villa for rent in Arabian ranches, it’s the marketer’s job to write a creative description, select post-worthy pictures, and advertise it on property portals (if the company availed packages on these portals).

Lastly, a marketer must track the performance of their competitors from time to time. It’s a vital part of a marketer’s job in order to keep up with the competition. By carefully observing the performance of competitors, marketers are able to see the latest trends that appeal to the market. If another real estate company is able to capture the market looking for apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis for instance, it is the marketer’s responsibility to find out how their competitor is doing it, and what effort of marketing they should do in order to drive the market to them.

By the end of the day, the most vital part of the success of a real estate company is the cooperation of each department as a team. When everyone works together in harmony, any property for rent in Dubai can easily get rented!


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