Are you living wisely in Dubai?
03 Jun, 2018 By

When you first came here, it only took you a week to find a job. Two years and you’re still in the same company. You’re living in an area which is just a 20 minute Metro Ride from your home. The Salary you are receiving is just enough for your expenses. Then you realize that in those years, everything is just break even. You are not able to save, and sometimes you need to borrow money because of over-spending.

Sadly, most expats have this kind of mindset. The fun and pleasures will always be available around us. The leisure and all your wants can wait. But the time you wasted will never be reverted. You can only feel sorry for those months where you could’ve opted to sacrifice your wants for a while and prioritized to live according to your needs instead.

Time will never wait for you. Still, through a change of lifestyle, you could be able to live wisely and learn from your mistakes. One common problem is choosing a place to stay. Most often you are more focused on comfort rather than affordability. Don’t go over your budget. RightDoors has properties you can rent where you can enjoy a comfortable home at an affordable rate.

Unplanned spending is another common mistake that usually drains your budget. You must be able to identify what you need from what you want. Always keep that goal in mind to save for your future. Do not live beyond your means. These reminders are wake up calls that will help you to re-evaluate the main reason you came here.

By looking back at your purpose, you could find your way back to your end goal.

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