How safe is a Real Estate Investment?
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You might be on the brink of making a decision as to what investment will you be pursuing. It’s really tough when you have a lot of options to choose from, and also quite apprehensive considering the risks of making an investment. The truth is, every investment has a risk. While you are trying to figure out where you will settle, let me convince you why is it best to invest in Real Estate. Here are it's advantages.

  1. You can control it - Compared to the stock market, real estate gives you more control of your investment, by this we mean the performance of the real estate asset can be increased by refurbishing or adding additional features to it. Several factors may negatively affect your investment in the stock market, most of which are uncontrolled. In real estate, you have a tangible investment which you can improve, and increases in value over time.

  2. Strong cash flow - You will have a continuous source of income. Most especially here in Dubai, the real estate market has a high demand and provides investors with a higher ROI compared to other well-established residential markets around the world.

  3. Hedge against Inflation – We could simply say that when there is upsurge inflation, your property’s value does not decrease but proportionately increases in value in line with inflation.

  4. Real Estate increases in value over time - Real Estate is built on land being a scarce commodity as it is limited in supply increases in value over time thus, transferring this value to the edifice built on it.

In conclusion, a Real Estate Investment, in my opinion, could be classified as a long-term investment. Holding on to real estate gives the owners of the asset constant cash flows through rental payments, a sense of security as it is tangible. Before the biggest names in the real estate investment were known, they were once like all of us, thinking of risks and losses. Now everything paid off for them! And you could be the next in the in the market to make a lot of income! Convinced yet? Make an investment in Real Estate now!

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