Holiday Homes: A new way of staycationing in Dubai
14 Jun, 2018 By

Have you ever heard of this new way of spending holidays in Dubai? As we all know, Dubai is an ideal place to enjoy vacation. The city has a lot of tourist destinations you can choose from and areas where you can ideally stay. In most cases, tourists select packages which include a hotel to stay in for their vacation. While this option may be good, you can best maximize your vacation here in Dubai if you are at the comfort of a home that’s near to the spot where you want to go.

A decree in 2013 was enacted to ensure that there is an appropriate process of sub-letting a property as a holiday home. The decree is focused on the regulations for a holiday home. Since the enactment of this decree, changes have been made until 2016. By that year, home owners were now allowed to rent their properties directly without having to go through an approved operator. If the home meets all the criteria, it can be applied for a Holiday Home license. Room rental is not allowed. The full accommodation must be rented.

This move by the Dubai government is focused on the target of hosting at least 20 million tourists by 2020. By that time, a lot of properties in Dubai will be used as a holiday home. Much better if you get to explore as early as now and find an ideal place to stay here. The hottest areas in Dubai like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai will most likely be occupied by a lot of tourists. If you are planning to rent a holiday home in this area, better check online as early as possible to make sure that you secure a property.

A Holiday home is an ideal way to spend a vacation here in Dubai. If you happen to be the landlord or the tenant of the property, using it as a holiday home not only helps you get an extra income, but you also help in promoting tourism here in Dubai.

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