2019 and beyond are bright years for the Dubai Real Estate Market
06 Jun, 2018 By kaye@rightdoors.com

The performance of the real estate market here in Dubai is projected to upsurge for the coming year 2019 and beyond. According to Khaleej Times, non-Arab investors from India, Pakistan, and Britain are continuing to invest here. Figures from Dubai Land showed that for the first quarter of 2018, there were 13,759 transactions worth Dh58 billion recorded.

Because of this projection, we must expect that the real estate market will continue to become stronger. The good time to invest in real estate is now!

For the first quarter of 2018, Dubai’s Real Estate performed well. As analysts and experts predict, 2019 would have an unprecedented strength in the market, as more infrastructures are being built for the coming expo 2020. This event is much awaited here in Dubai as a lot of investors are expected to be here for that coming year.

According to Atif Rahman, director of Danube properties, Dubai will continue to attract more investors because of the high return on investments. This further reveals that developers and investors are strongly supporting the real estate market of Dubai.

Exciting times are coming for the real estate market. This is a good chance for everyone to get involved in the trend and ride the wave of a progressing market. So are you thinking of what I am thinking? Might as well consider investing in real estate now!

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