05 May, 2019 By zeeshan@rightdoors.com

So you have chosen Dubai to be your home. A vibrant bubbling city, Dubai suits most people and the opportunities for your development are plenty. It may seem intimidating at first to select a place to live in a completely new city. We have got the steps covered that will ease your mind and give you a route map to find your ideal dwelling place.

First comes the shortlisting of an area to live. This should align with your work and also your leisure activities. It helps to choose an area where expats from the same region live which will ensure that you are not homesick soon.

Then shortlisting the properties. There are various methods, traditional and online, to take care of this. You need to decide on the:

Area of the space Rooms Rent range Furnishing Payment options- number of cheques Facilities

RightDoors is an excellent platform which helps you easily shortlist good properties based on the above criteria. We have RERA registered agents which can assure you that you receive nothing but best of services.

Next step will be to actually visit the property to ensure that it matches all your requirements. Once you are satisfied with the property, you will need to make an offer and negotiate your terms. Landlords generally tend to lower the annual rent if you pay in fewer cheques. This is a good point to consider if you feel that the rent can be lowered a bit.

It is important to ensure that the place is reserved for you by paying the refundable security deposit so that both you and the landlord are sure of the transaction. Your agent will look after the other dealings and documents that need to generate a proper rental agreement. Make sure to get proper receipts for all the payments made.

The next step will be to review your rental agreement thoroughly and sign it. Your agent will help you review the important points in the agreement which include to check if previous charges have been settled, any maintenance issues noticed and mutually agreed upon terms for the same, making sure that the property is handed over in a livable condition and receiving all necessary tools for accessing the building and parking like access cards etc.,

Now you are ready to move into your new home. What seemed to be too much at the beginning will ease out by the time you move into your new place with the right and professional help that you have chosen with RightDoors and all for a flat fee of AED 999 which gives you peace of mind and happiness of having made the right choice in the end. Right Doors aims to give just that so that you move into your new place a satisfied happy person.


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