2019 marketing trends for Dubai real estate
20 Jan, 2019 By kaye@rightdoors.com

As the Dubai real estate market continues to mature and progress even further, the competition grows tougher as well. Innovation is a major factor that drives marketers to come up with unique ideas on how they can come on top of the market. Hence, there are trends that will remain constant for real estate marketers which would be vital for coming up with unique marketing ideas.

  1. Automated Marketing – This strategy saves a lot of time for companies dealing with a lot of clients. As the demand for apartments for rent in Dubai continue to rise, automation will enable marketers to reach massive clients in an instant, and can keep them organized since there’s a central database for all leads. Text message marketing is one example of automation. Since most people are into their smartphones, it’s easier to send information to people about the affordable properties for rent in Discovery Gardens for instance. With proper target marketing and persuasive message, a huge percentage of these clients would respond to your call to action. Other forms of automation include email marketing and the use of chatbots on social media.

  2. Content with Value – The whole point of marketing isn’t just focused on getting your brand known in the market. People want benefits. For instance, if your goal is to tell people that there are apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, you could tell them the benefits of renting an apartment in that certain area. Marketers who aim to educate their clients have higher chances of engagement from the market. Don’t just stick to the traditional way of informing people about your brand, but narrow down to the level where they can see how beneficial would it be choose your brand.

  3. Video Marketing – This element of marketing has been in the industry for quite a long time. But this 2019 as more innovative ideas are coming up, video marketing would become an edge for any real estate agency. Since there are various apartments for rent in Dubai listed by agents, the use of 360 home tours is one smart way of video marketing that can drive clients to your agency. Seeing the property live during viewings is always the best option. But if you have no time to travel and see properties, you would most likely prefer a 360 video of the entire property. Other form of videos in social media include Instagram stories, short Facebook videos under 1:30, and live videos on Facebook and Instagram where you can answer questions by clients. These video marketing strategies would make clients feel a more personal approach.

  4. Building trust through Social Media – A huge percentage of people are into social media nowadays, most especially here in Dubai. As social media has become a vital key for marketing, it’s no surprise that a lot of business transactions are being closed through its help. Moreover, building client relationship will enable you to become successful with your brand. If you’re marketing your property for rent in Dubai, be sure to state facts. Never exaggerate any information. Other strategies you can include are taking professional photographs, showing clients the process (rentals, viewings, etc.), and showing your expertise in your niche.


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